Speech Therapy Services

How it Works

Speech Therapy Services from the Comfort of Home


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I provide necessary speech-language pathology services to children and adults from the comfort and safety of their homes. I specialize in speech, language, voice, communication, swallowing, feeding, and cognitive therapies.

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Step 1: Consultation

First, schedule a free consultation to discuss if speech therapy is right for you. During your consultation we can discuss your goals, past experience with therapy, and how to get started. This step can be completed via phone, in person, or through the platform we will use for your sessions.

Step 2: Evaluation

Once you decide speech therapy is right for you, I will will use a combination of standardized and informal tools to complete your assessment. This information is used to develop your plan of care, which includes expectation for number of sessions and formalized goals.

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Step 3: Treatment

Following the evaluation, I will schedule your next session. Each session will include treatment activities that relate to your goals. I can address your concerns, progress, and questions at the beginning of each session.

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