World Alzheimer’s Month & Cognitive Health

Did you know that September is World Alzheimer’s Month? This month raises awareness of Alzheimer's disease, its devastating impact, and cognitive health. In this blog, Thrive Therapy Solutions discusses this important topic and the stigmas surrounding the topics of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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What is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month?

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that primarily affects older adults. Every September, Alzheimer’s Disease International runs World Alzheimer’s Month. This international event serves as an opportunity to discuss Alzheimer’s disease and show support for those suffering from this illness. Businesses and charities typically hold events throughout the month to raise awareness in their communities and inform people of the realities of Alzheimer’s.

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Cognitive Impairment

This disease affects cognitive functions. One of the most recognizable symptoms of Alzheimer's is memory impairment. People with this disease have difficulties remembering events, names, and important details about themselves or others. Additionally, individuals can have trouble with communication, comprehension, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and other essential life skills.

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Stigmas Surround This Disease

World Alzheimer’s Month also serves as a way to challenge common stigmas associated with Alzheimer’s disease. A common misconception is that Alzheimer’s is a normal part of aging, which prevents people from taking preventive measures or seeking intervention. Another stigma against Alzheimer’s is having a negative attitude towards people living with Alzheimer’s and assuming their actions are a true reflection of their character. Whether someone has this illness or not, people deserve to be respected and treated with humanity.

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Promoting Cognitive Well-Being

While there is no current cure for Alzheimer’s disease, there are several ways to promote cognitive health that can help prevent decline:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Engage in brain-stimulating activities

  • Manage conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes

  • Know the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease

  • Seek treatment early

Alzheimer’s disease is a detrimental illness with serious implications. Taking proactive steps to improve your health and well-being can help maintain your cognitive functions as you age.

If you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and are struggling with cognitive communication, Thrive Therapy Solutions provides cognitive communication services in person and virtually. As the best speech pathologist in Indiana, we strive to help our patients’ memories, language skills, executive functioning skills, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more!

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